Twitter Secret Messages

Hide secret messages in your tweets (or any text).


Hidden Message
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Warning: Not all of Hidden Message stored in tweet. Add more text (e.g. spaces) to Tweet, or reduce text in Hidden Message.


Hidden Message


How does this work?

The letters of your tweet are replaced with similar looking letters (Unicode homoglyphs) that are used to hide your hidden message.

Hidden messages? But that will mean people on Twitter can be duplicitous and two-faced!

I know, groundbreaking stuff.

So this is encryption?

Not really, because anyone who knows to look for your message can find it. It's more like writing <!-- hidden comments -->.

I can use this for any text?

Sort of. If nothing corrupts the text it will work, and it should work on Twitter and in emails. Facebook will probably corrupt the text however.

I can't write some characters into the hidden message

Your hidden message may only contain these characters: (-bit charset). This is done so that we can store more hidden messages.

If you want more text then perhaps include a lowercase url (e.g. from

My tweet doesn't work / it's corrupt

If you can't decode your message check that you copied it correctly from the start to the end, and that you didn't copy any extra characters.

Next, if entire tweet is still corrupt then you can try manually recovering it. I know this is annoying but there are technical reasons why this is the case (for techy reasoning - click here).

To attempt to recover the tweet first try adding spaces at the beginning of the tweet. This will help realign the -bit boundary. If the tweet is only corrupt in the middle then try adding spaces to that area of the tweet. Good luck!